What Your Flowers Say About Your Wedding

Like everything else at a wedding, the flowers are supposed to be beautiful and contain a variety of marriage symbolism. Here are a few to consider while you are choosing your perfect floral arrangement.


Chrysanthemums remind one of a great big smiling face and thus signify joy in all its forms. They come in a great variety of colors, making it easy to fit into your bouquet and overall wedding décor.


Another flower that comes in many colors, this flower is best for marrying a pair of college graduates. The ancients thought of this flower as representative of shrewdness and knowledge.

Red Roses

The archetypal symbol for passionate love, red roses are the classic and ever-popular flower choice for weddings the world over.

Calla Lilies

These charming creations capture the classical essence of beauty. Said to make even the gods of Greece and Rome green with envy, calla lilies are never a wrong choice when it comes to wedding flowers.


These tenacious plants grow back faithfully every spring, no matter how harsh the previous winter. Their bright color and elegant shape never fail to add a vigorous breath of life to any wedding.

Of course, these are not the only flowers to choose from. Every flower has its own special meaning, so don’t settle. Shop around and maybe combine a few of your favorite flowers to make your perfect floral arrangements.