Wedding Trends for 2019

When entering a new year, experts will make predictions -based on data and recent trends- as to what the most popular wedding trends will be. These are some of the wedding trends that those industry experts predict for 2019. Keep all of these in mind if you are planning a wedding in 2019.

Pastel Colors

From bridesmaid’s dresses, to flowers, to decor, a common pick from many experts is the resurgence of pastel colors. This has been a big trend many years and according to wedding professionals, it will be again this year. If you are attending a wedding in 2019, you will likely see a lot of pastels.


The consensus among experts seems to be that this is the most sure-fire bet to be the trend of the year. Whether it’s the natural greenery outside at a beautiful location like Sandstone Vineyards, or it’s brought inside the venue, just about everyone agrees if you are going to a wedding this year, you will see a ton of greenery.

Black accents

Black accents provide a very sophisticated look and feel. The contrast will pair well with the lighter colors most couples will go with for decor.

Wedding Videos

More couples than ever will have a video to accompany their classic wedding photos. Wedding photos provide great memories but nothing will bring you back to your wedding day quite like a video can.

Simple and classic wedding dresses

From celebrities to Royalty, simple, elegant wedding dresses seem to be making a comeback in a big way.

Edible wedding favors

Many couples will opt to go with edible favors for their guests. This is always a good option and a great way to ensure that your guests get to take home something they will enjoy, because who doesn’t love food and drinks!?

Beautiful outdoor venues

Experts predict that outdoor venues will be the most popular choice for couples in 2019. Schedule your wedding at Sandstone Vineyards soon to ensure you have the perfect venue on the perfect day.

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