Why Vineyards are the Best Wedding Venues

So you’re newly engaged, congratulations! Now you will begin looking at different venues for the big day. Of course, there are the classics that it seems everyone does, such as a beach, church or garden wedding. However, if you’re looking for an option that’s a little more unique, you may consider a vineyard wedding. Vineyard weddings offer the rustic appeal of nature while still maintaining the wine and food options of a city wedding. This is far from where the benefits end.

For starters, the scenery is beautiful. There is no better place to be on the most photographed day of your life. Whether the vineyard is in the mountains, near the coast, or by the forest, your vineyard wedding will undoubtedly result in some beautiful photos.

The vibe of a vineyard wedding is unlike any other. Wineries provide a relaxed, yet sophisticated ambiance that cannot be found anywhere else. Your guests will find it easy to relax while sipping on high-quality wine and eating fine charcuterie. What more can we say?

Unlike with a church wedding, where you will have to book a separate location for the reception, vineyard weddings allow for both to take place at one location, and you won’t have to skimp on gorgeous settings for either.

The natural light is another great advantage of hosting your big day at a winery. Natural light is a photographer’s best friend and a bride’s best friend too.

You will also have the ability to implement your own personal style. Most vineyards are willing to work with you to transform the space into the dream wedding you’ve been planning in your mind for years.

From a logistics standpoint, winery weddings are also a big win. Wineries will typically have a good indoor options so your day isn’t compromised, even in the case of bad weather. Furthermore, wineries provide tons of photo-taking locations. You may not be thinking of that now but on your big day, you’ll want a variety of shots of the entire wedding party.

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