The Fastest Way to Plan a Wedding

Congratulations, you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! You probably can’t wait to get married, so here is how you plan your wedding as fast as possible (4 months).

4 Months Out

Book a Wedding Venue

When planning a wedding, the first thing you need is a date. Booking your venue solidifies the date so that you can get the ball rolling with other preparations. It also makes much of the process easier. For example, when you book with Sandstone Vineyards you get access to our preferred vendor list, which can cut out a lot of research time for you.

Order a Wedding Dress & Suit

The majority of bridal boutiques require you to order your dress at least 6 months out. So you may have to shop around and buy straight off the rack. You’ll still have time plenty of time for alterations to make sure it fits perfectly.

Create a Registry

Most major online retailers make creating an online registry very easy. Make this early on in the process and list the link on your social media accounts, wedding website, etc.

Order and Send Your Invitations

Typically you’d send out save-the-dates before formal invitations. But on a timeline this short, that would be rather redundant. It’s best to send your invitations out as soon as possible to give any guests that are coming in from out of town enough time to prepare.

Buy Wedding Rings

The rings are a small detail, yet they obviously play a major role in the ceremony, so don’t wait till the last minute to get them!

3 Months Out

Finalize a Ceremony Script with Your Officiant

No matter who ends up writing the script for your ceremony, it’s smart to meet with your officiant to go over everything and make sure both of you are familiar with it.

Purchase Any Décor Not Included in your package

Chances are, your signs will be custom-made so it’s a good idea to order them well ahead of time to allow ample time for the artist to make them and ship them to you!

Wedding Day Accessories (Shoes, Jewelry, etc.)

It is very important to purchase your shoes before your dress fitting so you can be sure that your dress is altered to your correct height with wedding shoes included. It’s also not a bad idea to wear your shoes around a little bit to break them in before the big day.

2 Months Out

Start Working on Your Vows

If you are planning on writing your own vows, it can take more time than you think to finalize exactly what you want to say. So it is helpful to write out all your thoughts well in advance, and go over them periodically, so you can add in anything else that comes to mind.

Wedding Favors and Guest Book

There are tons of unique and creative ideas for wedding favors, so you may need some time to figure out what you’ll be giving your guests. It’s good to get a bit of a head start on this.

If you are going to have a guest book, you’ll want to order it around this same time too. The fewer things you have to scramble to do last-minute, the better!

Dress Fitting

No matter where you get your dress you’re going to want to have a fitting to make sure it fits perfectly for your wedding day.

Parent and Wedding Party Gifts

Your parents and wedding party will likely have all chipped in money for your wedding, make sure to repay them with a gift, even if they’re small.

1 Month Out

Follow Up on Missing RSVP’s

One of the more annoying things you’ll have to deal with is, not everyone will rsvp on time. It’s frustrating, but make sure you follow up with everyone you invited so you have an accurate guest count.

2 Weeks Out

Make a Seating Assignment

Once you know who will be attending, create a seating assignment, this should be well thought out so everyone can sit with people they know and everyone can have a good time without feeling uncomfortable.

Days Before

Apply for a Local Marriage License

Go to City Hall and get your marriage license! Make sure to do this in the city that the wedding will take place, not the one where you live.

Complete Any Beauty Arrangements (Spray Tan, Wax, Mani-Pedi, etc.)

The final step, just the finishing touches.

Planning a short-term wedding is possible, and it doesn’t have to be stressful, with the help of the Sandstone Vineyards team. Sandstone Vineyards is Boise’s premier outdoor vineyard wedding venue located in the picturesque Treasure Valley offering a romantic setting for one of the most special days of your life.