The Best Thank You Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Let’s face it, bridesmaids and groomsmen are one of the most important parts of your wedding. Struggling to think of what gift to give them as a thank you for being a part of your big day? Check out these ideas!


  1. Robes & Hangers

We know, we know this has become widely popular. This is a cute idea that makes for some great photos later on. The good people working on hair and makeup for the bridesmaids will thank you, too. These robes make their jobs easier so they don’t have to wrestle with zipper and buttons.

  1. Winery Packages

Who doesn’t love wine? This is a great gift for your bridesmaids to enjoy while you are all getting ready for the ceremony!

  1. Home Spa Kit

Spa kits give you a chance for makeover without spending quite so much money. They are easy and inexpensive to assemble, and you can put almost anything you want in them.

  1. Wedding Theme Box

This gift is a bit more on the thoughtful side. Help your bridesmaids create their own themed wedding. Themes to fit a winter wonderland, fantasy epics, or even something a bit more on the rustic side are all available. Don’t want a theme? Simply stick with a color pallet and other basic wedding options for this awesome gift.

  1. Custom Tumbler or Water Bottle

Nowadays, you can get anything custom made! Tumblers, water bottles, pictures frames, anything that your girls are going to have or carry with them often to remember your special day.


  1. Mini-Bar Kit

It’s tradition for a lot of grooms to drink with their groomsmen before the ceremony. This may or may not be because the groom is so nervous he needs stiff drink to even him out. Why not get one for the groomsmen to share with him?

  1. Custom Anagrammed Flask

Give your groomsmen something they can be call their own and remember you big day. Personalized items are always a good option, and you crew will have their own keepsake to separate them from the rest of the crowd. You could even pair it with some mini bottles of whiskey or rum to get them started.

  1. Matching Sunglasses

Matching anagrammed sunglasses for your groomsmen photos? Yes please!

You can get them for groomsmen, bridesmaid, or the ENTIRE guest list.

  1. Patterned Socks

Maybe even make them match the sunglasses! Get them anagrammed with names, or, if you and your crew have a favorite quote or inside joke, why not use that?

  1. Realistic Bobble-heads

Getting bobble-heads made for all of your groomsmen will definitely never be forgotten. Just imagine the ice breaker this would be when your groomsmen go out into the wide world to find their one and only!

Don’t stress over gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. That is supposed to be one of the many fun parts of a wedding. Run these options by your fiancé or your wedding party and you will find that most them will be received with joy.