How to Make Sure Your Wedding Guests Have a Great Time

A wedding should be a great night not just for the happy couple, and all of their guests!

To make sure you and your guests have the best time possible, we’ve created a list of things that your wedding guests will love!

Decent and Affordable Accommodations

Many of your guests are likely coming from out-of-town. If this is the case, providing, or at least recommending local hotels is a must. Many hotels offer room blocks, where you can reserve a certain amount of rooms at a discounted price. This will make the trip much easier for your guests who are coming from out-of-town.

Let Guests Know What They Should Expect

If you are doing an outdoor wedding, you should probably let your guests know. Women may decide not to wear their skinny heels if they know that they’re going to be walking on gravel or grass, wedges would be a better option. If the reception includes outdoor dining it’s a good idea to let guests know if they should bring a jacket or sunglasses, depending on the weather.

Have a Well Planned Seating Chart

Assigning tables and/or seats are a must for the reception. When making your seating chart, you don’t want to randomly assign guests seats for the sake of convenience. Your guests should sit with their friends or family members so they have people to visit with during dinner. If that is impossible, try to at least sit them with friendly and outgoing guests who will make sure they’re not lonely during the reception.


Making sure you provide great food is one of the best ways to ensure your guests have a good time. Providing several options is a good idea because nothing is worse than when we serve food to guests who have a food allergy or dietary restriction that we didn’t know about. While we can usually accommodate these needs on the spot, it’s always easiest if we know ahead of time.

Good Music

Have you ever been to a wedding where no one dances? Or the songs are all cheesy songs from the ’80s? Music is an excellent way to set the right mood for your wedding. If you have a professional DJ, ask what songs they recommend, they’re experts on wedding music. When picking your wedding music, imagine the type of party you want to have, and the guests attending.

Fun Favors

You don’t necessarily need favors for your wedding, but they are a nice gesture. If you are going to spend the time and money on favors, make sure you pick something that guests will love! Useful or edible favors are always a huge smash.

Short & Sweet Toasts

This is one of the biggest complaints amongst wedding guests. Long or unexpected toasts are the #1 reason that wedding receptions get off schedule. A 5-minute speech may not seem like a long time, but when your guests are sitting listening to one person endlessly talk, 5 minutes is a very long time. Consider asking your toasters to keep their speeches to 3 minutes max.

Include Fun Activities

After all of the traditional activities (speeches, dinner, first dance, cake cutting, etc.), the rest of the evening is open to dance the night away! What do you do about guests who don’t like to dance? Or your guests who don’t know many, if any, of the other guests at the wedding? It’s always nice to have an activity for guests besides dancing. Some popular options are photo booths, lawn games, dessert bars or lounge areas.

Booking a Great Venue

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