How to Choose the Best Wedding Meal

The wedding dinner is one of the best parts of the whole day. All the friends and family get to mingle and dine together in celebration of your union. With that in mind, you will want to choose your wedding meal with care. Here are some things to remember as you choose your perfect wedding meal.

Keep it Open

Personalizing your meals and menus to you and your future spouse’s tastes might be one more symbol of your unity, but the guests you have invited to celebrate with you may not have the same tastes.

Try to avoid extremely restrictive diets for the entire group. Having vegan and vegetarian options available is a wonderful thing and comes highly recommended. But also take time to consider the tastes of all your guests. It may draw away from the spirit of the celebration if your guests are restricted to food, they may not be familiar with or like.

Don’t Get Bogged Down

At the same, you cannot allow yourself to be overwhelmed with everyone else’s dietary needs. Again, having vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options available is a positive thing, and more than reasonable. Be careful that you don’t stress yourself out more than necessary over this small hurdle. You cannot be expected to customize every meal for each individual guest.

Schedule a Tasting

You may think that you know what you are getting when you order it. Don’t be so sure. It is really in your best interest to actually taste the food you are ordering for your wedding so that you are fully informed on what to expect on the day of the wedding. There are many stories caterers and bridal parties alike can tell plenty of sad stories of miscommunications and marked difference between expectations and reality.

Budget Ahead

Budgeting the meal is probably the most difficult part of the selection process. Be sure that you have a solid budget up front, before you meet with any chefs or caterers. This will actually save you a lot of hassle and time when you do meet up with them, as you can eliminate certain options right at the start with a solidified budget.