Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Departure

Rice is the traditional option when it comes to seeing the newlyweds off to their honeymoon. For years folks have tossed handfuls of rice at the couple as a symbolic blessing of health, wealth, happiness, and fertility. A few years back, though, a rumor started spreading around that all the rice left on the ground is bad for the local birds. Since that time, a plethora of new options for this fun wedding tradition has surfaced. Check out these ideas!


This option has become a favorite at summer weddings. Tiny bottles of bubble juice with their wands are quite cheap, fun, cute, and won’t tempt the local wildlife. You could even customize your own bottles of bubble juice and wrap them in ribbons matching the wedding theme.

Rose Petals

Probably the most popular and practical option after rice, rose petals are beautiful, smell great, are symbolic of love and devotion, and aren’t harmful to anyone involved. You can get petals that are in colors that will match your theme, you can package them easily, and the clean-up is as simple as it gets. Rose petals will never let you down.


Another great option for parties of all kinds is confetti. Special wedding-themed confetti can be found online and at party/wedding stores wherever you are. Confetti is less expensive than rose petals and just as much fun.


Another great summer option is to use sparklers for your departure. After the guests have eaten, danced, and celebrated the day away and the sun has finally set, have your guests present an archway of sparklers for you to walk underneath as you exit the party. This is always a memorable and dazzling display