Creative Uses of Wine for Your Ceremony

There are many ways to incorporate wine into the wedding ceremony itself. There is no need to reserve it for the toast offerings or the party. Maybe these wine traditions would be the cherry on top of everything else you have planned for the most important day of your life.

Uniting the Two Families

This is a great ritual to symbolize the joining of two families into one. It requires that both the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents pick a bottle of wine they feel best represents them and the aura of their family, preparing the bottles and glasses logistically for the ceremony, and some pre-planning with the minister. Be sure to write out specific scripting with your minister to make sure this nuptial ritual is performed to your satisfaction.

Once opening and welcoming remarks have been made, have the minister direct the ceremony to the wine ritual: the fathers are to uncork the bottles, while the mothers pour a glass of their own family’s wine for their new child-in-law, herself, and her husband; the mother of the bride pours for her family and the groom, the mother of the groom pours for her family and the bride. This symbolic act is one of reverence and respect as the two families join together. This is your opportunity to have the minister seal this Uniting of the Two Families with the best words to express the joy and devotion you feel for each other and its extension to all family members.

A Pledge from the Same Cup

When planning your own vows, utilizing the symbolic gestures of drinking from a single glass of wine can be beautiful, simple, and elegant.

Drinking from the same cup shows the alignment you devote to each other throughout your lives. Symbolically, you are committing to endure the challenges and joys of life as they come; if one drinks from the cup of joy, so will the other. If the other drinks from the cup of sorrow, so will the first.

Your choice of wine also offers other symbolic opportunities. Many cultures hold different beliefs about separate wine flavors and the good or bad luck they bring. Simply have a glass of your favorite lucky wine waiting at the head of the aisle for the vow exchange, and confirm your commitment with a small sip.

A Blending of Two Lives

This option is something of a combination of the two listed before it.

The bride and groom have their own carafe of wine which they pour into another, larger carafe. Then, the bride and groom each, in turn, take the larger carafe and pour a glass of the blended wine for the other. Each holds the glass in their hand as they recite their vows and seal it with a sip of the new wine.

Some couples then offer rosé to their guests in celebration of the Blending of the Two Lives. Or, in some special cases, offer the rest of the large, combined carafe to the wedding guests that wish to drink of it to show their support of the couple’s decision to marry.

Wine rituals are gorgeous, based on ancient traditions that highlight some of the highest human ambitions and qualities, and are a clear and symbolic way to demonstrate your commitment to the people who are there to celebrate it with you. Try including a wine ceremony at your wedding with Sandstone Vineyards and show your friends and family how much you mean to each other.