Alternative Wedding Traditions

There are lots of wedding traditions out there, new and old. Here are a few fun and creative ones that you might enjoy on your special day. Some are newer, others date back to ancient times.

Handfasting – This is an ancient tradition found in many places, particularly amongst the Celtic peoples of the British Isles and Ireland. Many pagan cultures in history had some variation of this concept, where the village priest or elder gently tied a sacred knot around the joined hands of the wedding couple. This is a beautiful ancient tradition gaining traction once again in the twenty-first century.

Bourbon Bury – This tradition migrated across the country from the deep South. To keep rain from ruining their big day, the bride-and-groom-to-be bury a bottle of bourbon, upside down, at the site of the ceremony one month before its occurrence. The best part of this tradition is after the wedding is over and the party starts, the newlyweds dig the bourbon back up and pass it around for all to enjoy.

Sugar Cubes – Some cultures hold that tying a string around a few sugar cubes and attaching them to either the bride’s bouquet or incorporating them as part of her hair ensemble, will sweeten the marriage with good luck.

Glass Breaking – In Jewish and Italian tradition, breaking glass is done with gusto. Each shard was thought to represent one year of a happy life together for the newlyweds.

Try making your own! – What sort of values do you and your partner hold? What are your beliefs, hopes, and dreams, and fears? What symbols best describe your relationship? What memorable and symbolic ritual could you both perform together to demonstrate your devotion? Have some fun with it, get creative, maybe the tradition you think up will catch like wildfire and become a staple for generations to come.